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    PPSI, a California non-profit corporation, offers a large number of health awareness programs to promote public health and education. PPSI is the originator and sponsor of National Condom Week.
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April is STD Awareness Month

April is STD Awareness Month STD – SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE A major epidemic of sexually transmitted disease (STD) has developed during the last 30 years. In the 1960’s syphilis and gonorrhea, both easily treated with penicillin, were the only significant STDs. Today there are over 20 diseases with 12 million newly infected persons each year. … Continue reading

May is Strike Out Stroke Month

May is Strike Out Stroke Month Your brain has 100 billion nerve cells and trillions of nerve connections, and requires a constant blood flow to keep working properly. A stroke or “brain attack,” occurs when this blood supply fails and brain tissue is starved of blood. Within four minutes of being deprived of essential nutrients, … Continue reading

What can we get from using a condom? Nothing…

English Title: What can we get from using a condom? Nothing… but pleasure and protection! Media Format: Poster Date: No Date Country: United States of America Subjects: Condom, Sexually Transmitted Diseases Audience: General Languages: English Description: Closeup drawing of a man & woman standing next to each other Producers: Pharmacists Planning Service Contact: Pharmacists Planning … Continue reading

"Inside Every Smoker Is an Ex-Smoker"

“Inside Every Smoker Is an Ex-Smoker” 1977

Description: This advertisement, created by the Pharmacists Planning Service (a non-profit organization which has promoted consumer public health education and pharmaceutical information for over 37 years) and the Interagency Council on Smoking and Health (the first national anti-smoking coalition formed in 1964), associates opposing facial expressions, camera angles, and lighting with the smoker and non-smoker. … Continue reading

San Francisco bans all pharmacy tobacco sales – Drug Topics

San Francisco bans all pharmacy tobacco sales Jan 15, 2011 By: Christine Blank, Contributing Editor Drug Topics Volume 155, Issue 1 After much legal wrangling, pharmacies in San Francisco can no longer carry cigarettes. Although the San Francisco Board of Supervisors ruled in 2008 that stores with pharmacies could not sell tobacco products, the ordinance … Continue reading